Our Motto

Outside Perspective. Inside Service.

We look at your organization with fresh eyes, just like a new customer. Then we get to know you, deeply. We work with your team, just like one of you.

That's why we call it "WorkWith" instead of a consultancy or advisors. We want to be part of your team.

How We Work

First, we will need to know everything about you. We will study and assess your:

1.) Mission

2.) Current Service or Product

3.) Culture

4.) Assets of your organization (your property and your people)

Then, we will begin the creative process of:

1.) Insight

2.) Connection

3.) Revelation

4.) Direction

By then, we'll know your organization inside and out, and will have a deep understanding of the options for brand messaging, earned revenue streams and fundraising. 

We'll share our findings with you in the form of a brand strategy blueprint, a business plan or a campaign plan, based on your needs.

The Story

WorkWith.TC began as an idea to serve a need in the non-profit world.

Messaging shouldn't be complicated. It's simple.

Business shouldn't be a mystery. It's fun.

And fundraising isn't selling. It's matchmaking.

The intersection of business and philanthropy is ground zero for the future of our economy.

What Does "TC" Stand For?

People ask, "What does TC stand for?" I usually tell them "Top Cat" like the 80's cartoon character. Actually, it's for "Turner Christian."

But really, TC stands for causes and businesses that want to innovate and solve the problems that address our world.

TC Waugh

Founder & CEO

Trained in opera and international business, with professional experience in advertising, product development, marketing and sales, TC currently spends his energy advising non-profits and following Austin's vibrant tech and entrepreneurial scene.

Let's Talk...

If you want to throw ideas around about your social enterprise, send TC an email.