Rainforest Partnership

Our world can't wait. Climate change is the greatest existential threat to humankind right now. Rainforest Partnership works with local communities in the Amazon rainforests of Peru and Ecuador to develop economic alternatives to deforestation. From natural medicine centers and biodiversity research centers to eco-tourism and artisanal crafts from local materials, Rainforest Partnership's projects create enduring economic streams for the communities it helps.

The Stage at Water Street

A Theater by Actors...for Actors. Austin has become a victim of its own success. With the explosive growth Austin has experienced, local areas that serve as home to a vibrant arts scene are rapidly being developed. With this development, property costs increase and arts organizations, especially theaters, are being forced out. The Stage at Water Street will provide a new permanent home for local actors to share their craft and keep Austin...Austin!


Empowering young Latinas through Media and Technology! In our rapidly changing world, we must race to keep up with the demands of the fluid workplace and technology that evolves exponentially. Facing only basic education and cultural headwinds, many young women of Hispanic heritage are at risk for being left behind in this race. Latinitas' in-school programs and camps empower these young ladies to be future leaders and entrepreneurs by giving them the confidence to compete in a demanding professional world.

Team Austin

The Team Austin Scholarship Foundation believes that a coding degree can be the fastest, least-expensive way to break the cycle of poverty for disadvantaged youth that have interest in a career in technology. We provide scholarships to individuals from communities historically underrepresented in tech. Our pipeline encourages future tech leaders from youth all the way into their first technology-focused jobs.

Hand to Hold

A stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unity (NICU) is not something that expectant mothers usually anticipate, and when a new mother of a preemie finds herself in this position, a strong support network is critical for the mental health of the mother and the family. Hand to Hold's incredible work in the NICU through their network of volunteers has helped families weather the roller-coaster ride of a NICU stay with love and resilience.

Skin Is Skin

Products shouldn't just meet an individual need. They should address a greater issue and work to solve some of the challenges we face as a society. Skin Is Skin is dedicated to addressing prejudice head-on. Sustainably manufactured in Africa, in humane and advanced conditions, Skin Is Skin's restorative lip moisturizing products ask us to challenge our thinking about our preconceptions of our neighbors.

The Long Center

Austin's Creative Home, The Long Center is the heart of Austin's professional performing arts world. In addition to being home to Austin Opera, Austin Symphony and Ballet Austin, it is also a world-class venue for some of the best travelling shows in the world. If an event is important to the Austin community, it happens at The Long Center!


A fearless advocate for youth and families seeking a path to self-sufficiency, this organization is making a real and lasting impact in Austin. Through their Street Outreach Program and their affordable housing programs, LifeWorks is a key step for youth and families experiencing homelessness.


At last! Philanthropy for the masses! Encast's Charitable Giving Accounts allow companies to offer philanthropy as a benefit to their employees. Through their easy to use software, employees can manage all their charitable giving online, to over 1.5 million causes across America!


Serving individuals struggling with undereducation, disability, inability to work due to criminal history, homelessness and opportunity youth, Goodwill is much more than a charitable organization. As a social enterprise, Goodwill also employs earned revenue models to fund their mission. Through their thrift shops, employment agencies and education venues, Goodwill's model employs every strategy to help the communities it serves.